World Server down again?

World Server went down again – no explanations or anything.


This forum is for support on technical issues such as installation, connection, or crashes, on the Battle.Net Desktop App – aka, the “Launcher”.

For issues on a specific game, you need to use the forums for that game… if you do not know where the forums for your game is, reply here and I will provide you with a link. Usually, you can find the forums for a game by using your favourite search engine…

Cheers !

Ya I Just gt Disconnected from the server in cata classic keeps coming up (WOW51900319)
cant stay in keeps crashing plz hlp

Awesome my day off and still cant get online without chain crashes. Its been happening for over 10 hours. Cheers blizzard.

You might get a bit more traction if you post in the right forum…

Also, if Blizzard provides information on the issue… they’ll provide it on the WoW forums, not here.

Actually, this is the right forum as the App is crashing and not connecting. What else would you like to add to this post ?