World of Warcraft potential lag fix

Hey folks. I was told to post this here. If someone is reading this who knows where is the proper place to post this please move it to the right location yo! So with launch of Dragonflight I was experiencing tremendous lag on a gaming laptop. (Acer 32gb ram laptop with nvidia) What has resolved the lag for me (For some reason unknown to me heheh) was pumping up the graphics to mostly ultra setting. That worked for whatever reason the lag went away.

I was in contact with blizz gms over this issue and they told me to report these findings to yall. Anybody with a gaming laptop who is also having massive lag in Dragonflight try to juice UP the graphic settings. That might resolve most of the lag for you guys! I hope this helps someone who is also struggling with massive lag. I had my settings placed DX 12 with almost everything at max. I have adjusted other settings to varying degrees of intensity. The ultra settings have resolved my issues. Please try this if you guys are also having issue on the hardware side. Let me know and good luck gang! Lok’tar ogar!

Hey there,

These are the Desktop App forums, so issues pertaining to a specific game should be posted in those forums instead. In this case you will want to post in the World of Warcraft Technical Support forum.

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