World of Warcraft Framerate is unplayable

My framerate playing World of Warcraft post patch/updates, reinstalling and deleting WTF and Cache files…is between 1…and 2…FPS…I cant play at all with it that slow. It used to be around 60-75 post patch but even on all low and minimal settings, in a zone with no one around (in my garrison) I’m still slowed to only 2fps this is just unacceptable I cant even change my settings if I needed to or reply to mail or in game messages. Also side note, there is no form link/topic choice for the newer games when you make a form post which might be why your getting people posting in W2 or diablo 2 forms, just saying thats why I put it here, there was no option to put it in World of Warcraft as a topic to pick.

Hello there Fuse198. This particular forum is for issue with the Support web pages located here

Your issue is Technical Support issue with World of Warcraft. There are two ways to request assitance. You can post on the WoW Tech Support forums

Or put in a ticket via the Support link I gave. You will need to use the “Contact Support” link on the right. I tend to use the option to pick my own categories in the menu but feel free to ask if you need help.

Warning. This patch increased video requirements, changed very level of char and item in the game, changed all our skill systems, etc.

It is likely to be buggy for a while. That is why they do the major system changes before they roll out the main Expansion. To sort out all the massive issues with it.