World of Warcraft "bug" areas that disconnect you from game

Didn’t know where to go for an issue like this since it’s my first complaint but My level 19 Shaman Dark Iron Dwarf is unplayable because of one of these spots in WoD specifically in Shadowmoon Valley I was on my way from my Garrison to the area to collect the 15 Salvage crates and I jumped into this spot which disconnects me from the servers each time I try to log into that specific character, i’ve also tried to delete my character as it was no big deal at level 19 but it says that the deletion failed each time I try it and i’ve updated my drivers and reset the game and my pc many times and still no luck on either issue.

  • Ghoul

This forum is to report bugs with the Battle.Net Desktop App — the “Launcher”.

Have you tried posting on the World of Warcraft Technical Support forums ?