World of Warcraft BLZBNTAGT00000BB8

Since the last patch, I am getting BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 error on World of Warcraft only and have followed all troubleshooting steps multiple times with Admin access and uninstalling/reinstalling, removal of all index files, removal of all files, Run as Admin, Windows 10 and Antivirus up to date, Anti-virus disabled, etc. The only thing I have not done is uninstall WOW and reinstall it and wanted to see if there was a solution before this large re-download. This has been 2 days of not being able to update to latest patch and not able to repair installation. All other Blizzard games are working fine.

same here… I already tried to reinstall wow but now the app won’t even download properly. not sure what is going on… very frustrating.

Hey Dracolich,

This is the bug report forum for the game launcher, not World of Warcraft. You want WoW Technical Support forum.

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