Woof Pack not giftable?

Would have loved to purchase this as a gift for a friend, but the option isn’t available? Why?

That bundle is for certain pets and mounts. The price of it is dependent on what you already have on your Bnet account. When you purchase from your account the system is set up to evaluate what you have and adjust. If you are gifting, the system does not know what the other person has and does not adjust the price accordingly. So they have gifting disabled for it.

That is not uncommon for combo packs on the Blizz store.

If you gift a single pet or mount, and a person has it, the purchaser can request a refund. Easy to do with a single unit purchase in the Blizz system.

When you get a bundle they can’t refund individual items in it if the person already has them. The system is not set up for it.

You can gift Bnet Balance though and they can purchase the pack themselves.

Read carefully. There are quite a few limits and restrictions on gifting Bnet Balance.