Woke up to my battle net account being locked

accounts been locked due to some kind of purchase error, I’ve called my credit company to make sure the card wasn’t identifying the purchase as fraud because I don’t purchase often from games but everything was good on my end… is there any way I can talk to someone???

Account issues are only handled via the ticket system for privacy reasons.

I get it, just seems like it takes forever, For something so simple. Now I cant buy any games or play any games cause their service has gone down the drain. 6hrs and counting…

The folks who handle tickets do so for every single Blizzard game and customer. While it would be ideal to have instant support to sort a Billing issue, that is not always possible.

What ticket path did you use? Selecting the right category helps in response time.

The only time I have seen this happen is when there is a charge back on the account. In which case you don’t get access again until the money is repayed.

Start with that while you wait on your ticket. It may answer your questions and give you a path forward.