Wishes for innovations in d3

translated from Russian into Google…

1.Things, of course. Developers periodically assign properties to previously unused things, but they do it only for the sake of “playing” some of the sets and people start playing in it, filling the ladder table for 1000 places … This is the whole problem. There are sets, there are lon builds, but there is no choice other than what is now in the top. Therefore, I believe that it is precisely the choice that needs to be balanced, to add properties to the other items that are not used in the game, so that any of your conceived styles of play could be competitive. Perhaps this is the hardest part, but it will bring variety to the game, and the better the performance, the better.
2. Gold is not needed. It is needed only by those who go without stopping to the great portals in order to additionally pump stones. These same people go to Nephalemkas only for keys. The rest has nothing to do with gold. I think that one of the sellers (by the way, there are a lot of them and they are not used) needs to add chests with reagents for a large number to the list of goods. At first it may seem that this is a freebie, but the gold will quickly end, and such moments as “damn it, there is not enough money” will take their rightful place in the sense of their existence.
3.Finally remove all the cinematics from the adventure mode. Barefoot shoes with cinematics. They take longer to chop off than you kill the boss. Agree, it’s all useless.
4.In campaign mode, make only three difficulty levels, which open in turn, as in Diablo 2. Reduce experience gain, remove paragon (or limit it, as in the classic), reduce the chance of legendary drops, remove the shared chest and resources. You should not take level 70 for the first passage (the beginning of the adventure, of course, opens after the first passage on normal difficulty). Move the main part of achievements to campaign mode. Considering that d3 is incomplete without complement. Make it so that it doesn’t happen. You can create your own rating system for the classics, bring the classics closer to the “one” that old people like to talk about … so remember, suggest.
5. Recipes in a dice. Such reagents as the “spirit of the times” and “the forgotten soul” are in abundance (no?), As well as the “gift of ramaladni”. From these reagents it would be quite possible to compose a recipe for a primordial thing, but with a cunning (as the developers like it), for example - 1000, 1000, 50, 10 royal stones of all colors - it turns out RANDOM red thing. lol. You never know if you might get lucky.
6.I don’t understand why they didn’t leave the cube with any choice of things out of season …
7.things used in your assemblies should be marked with some kind of icon or postscript, as is done in wow.

thx. /spasibo