Will Starcraft2 work well inside Microsoft Windows 11?

Will Starcraft2 work well inside Microsoft Windows 11?

There are rumors in the dominion that Starcraft2 and Battle.Net apps might not work well inside Windows 11. Is that true? Is there anyone testing it? For sure yes, well I hope. It is with you Kate.

So, how is it going?

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Starcraft II doesn’t launch the game on my Win11. I uninstalled the game completely and installed it again. No better.

No : No graphic card :slight_smile:

yes it’s works. Parameter- reset in-game options :slight_smile:

My fellings after playing it some time is that it improved the game flow, it is fluid, natural, like it shall be. Ideally.

I had a game timer bug that is not happening anymore. A better video performance is perceptible. On the other hand, there are some new errors like units missing and wrong math calculation with resources and population along time, sometimes it happens. I am not sure weather it is from the game “difficult” or new bugs.

In general W11 is better than W10. If you are using W10, Norton Gamer is a good and cheaper option to fix video bugs)