Wife trying to retrieve account

My wife and I want to return to WoW after leaving 10 years ago. I was able to find my account with the automated process, but she keeps getting caught in a loop.

She doesn’t have the password for the account, doesn’t have access to the account email (closed), and she had the old authenticator fob which no longer works (dead battery, maybe?)

She isn’t able to use the automated process to recover accounts because of loss of access to the authenticator and the email address. Is there anything else we can do to restore the account?

Thanks for any help.


Maybe talk to customer support, and see if they can somehow verify that its your wife’s account. Other then that, if its that important you can also try calling the email customer support?. idk i have not had this issue before. good luck!

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Thanks for the reply! I’m posting here in hopes that someone in CS will see it. I’m not sure how else to contact them. The only emails we’ve had in response are from a “do not reply” address and I’ve had no luck finding a number to call or finding the live chat link.

I’m confident if we can get in touch with an actual person instead of automated responses, we can work this out.

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