Why no Warcraft I threads?

Maybe I’m dating myself, but I fell in love with Blizzard when I got Warcraft 1. And I still believe that there were gems in that game that were left out when you moved on to Warcraft 2.

One example?
Range units missing.

Even sitting on the screen saver mode, Warcraft 1 would pitch random battles, and it was entertaining and enjoyable to just sit there and watch. But one thing that was made clear is that ranged units would sometimes fire arrows at targets, and those targets would move after the projectile was fired and the arrow would land where the unit initially was… just like in real life.

This has been a grievous error in every RTS that has come out since. They all have auto-tracking after being fired, and range units never ever miss.
That’s faulty as all heck!
Downright missing should be a part of any attack, and especially with ranged attacks. This is why artillery takes a truly skilled commander because they have to predict where opposing targets will be, not where they are.

Anyway, I really have been a Blizzard fan since the (almost) start (never played Lost Vikings but I remember the commercials). I think you have more gold in your own games than you even realize.

With the push for competitive balanced RTS games, RNG was either eliminated or greatly reduced. This creates a sense of reliability and solidarity in units and matches; no player will win a match because all of his arrows successfully hit because the dice were in his favor, while another player lost because of the opposite scenario. In StarCraft, the marine will always hit the target, realistic? no, but if the terran player loses and wins It will no come down to RNG but rather success in other areas of the game such as positioning, macro, scouting, and army composition.

I do agree, that modern RTS games have lost some of that charm that the earlier ones had, but only time will tell if future RTS will utilize different mechanics.