Why is my download speed so slow

Can someone explain why when I am downloading an update for Modern Warfare my download speed slows to 200kB/s, when according to speedtest I should be getting at least 3MB/s. Also when I use a VPN to connect to Japan my speed increases to 1MB/s which should definitely not happen. Is Blizzard just throttling Australia or are their servers here that bad?

Same question I had. I have 125MB/s service and Modern Warfare is downloading at only 21MB/s for me with dips down to 18 or so and as high as 24. Thought I’d be getting at least 40-50MB/s.

Same issue here. MW is currently downloading at 1.65 MB/s and holding (Ethernet via ADSL 2 connection). I’ve also tried using a Mobile Hotspot on 4g connection and am still getting the same rate when is should be 5x greater. Maximum Download rate is also set to 0.

This is frustrating as I can easily download games on Steam and Uplay at around 2-3 MB/s via Ethernet+ADSL2, and around 7-8 MB/s when using a 4g mobile hotspot.