Why is my download speed so slow

Can someone explain why when I am downloading an update for Modern Warfare my download speed slows to 200kB/s, when according to speedtest I should be getting at least 3MB/s. Also when I use a VPN to connect to Japan my speed increases to 1MB/s which should definitely not happen. Is Blizzard just throttling Australia or are their servers here that bad?

Same question I had. I have 125MB/s service and Modern Warfare is downloading at only 21MB/s for me with dips down to 18 or so and as high as 24. Thought I’d be getting at least 40-50MB/s.

Same issue here. MW is currently downloading at 1.65 MB/s and holding (Ethernet via ADSL 2 connection). I’ve also tried using a Mobile Hotspot on 4g connection and am still getting the same rate when is should be 5x greater. Maximum Download rate is also set to 0.

This is frustrating as I can easily download games on Steam and Uplay at around 2-3 MB/s via Ethernet+ADSL2, and around 7-8 MB/s when using a 4g mobile hotspot.

Same. i have 300 mbps speed, when i start download i get about 25-30 MB/s which is good, but that drops to kB/s in about 30 seconds. With a 200GB game, this is goin to take 30 hours. Whats the hold up

they cant answer the question they just take your money… platforms trash never down another game from there… EVER! 20GB download form COD and it’s taken 8 hours… its a joke…