Why doesn't Blizzard run these updates at night

I think any major update like this should most certainly be run at night.


not doing any updates for war zone 2.0

This update should have been done hours ago. I fully expect them to refund a day of game time at least…
My only day off too.


Is game still down? It’s 5:30 CT. Been all day. I’m new so not sure if I need to do something or if everyone is locked out.

I agree…since my wife and i came back to play, blizzards’ maintenance has been crap…i would like a full MONTH because of the aggravation it has caused…

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were pretty much all locked out. theyre just doing maintenance, its usually not like this, but its a big patch. you can expect a big patch every once in a while

Typical Blizzard. Do an update for 10 hours and the game is worse than it was before. Yet snowflake Blizzard employees will ban anyone who tells them they are less than perfect. I mean hell… they have only had 20 years to get the game right and they still can’t do it. They should all be fired and get new staff. Of course the liberal company has the attitude of how dare you tell me I am not special. Then they delete your comment and then ban you from forums for 30 days. What a bunch of snowflakes. do your job right and people won’t call you out.

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Game was suppossed to be up 2 1/2 hours ago. Still can’t get on the game…what do you expect from an indie company with no real programmers.

This is why i told my wife no way in crap about the 6 month sub thing for the mount, because i’m not sure i’m going to put up with this crap for 1 more month let alone 6. I’m dangerously close to going back to ff14 where they know how to properly run a game.

Do you not understand how time zones work.
If they change it to night for you.
it would be day for others.

Also its pushed during the day because thats when Blizzard employees are at work, to fix any issues


Is anyone working at blizzard at all?

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It’s getting to the point where we are losing a day a week. Pretty bad customer serivce.

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yea we pay for this technically not cool tbh

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You’re making sense - which I often don’t see here. The game is played in just about every time zone worldwide!

totally agree, during the day is not a good idea

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when blizzard employees are at work…roflmao…that’s a good one…seriously, that gave me a good laugh. Now you know dang well that indie company doesnt have anyone actually working…lmao