Why can't I play WARZONE while MW installs

EDIT: This is not a feedback discussion, It is an issue that needs to be dealt with… Some people don’t have fast internet speed and may be stuck downloading for days… a disclaimer needs to be made. We should be able to pause and play.

This is absolutely unacceptable, we need to make some noise about this. I recently installed Warzone to check it out and play with some friends. After a day or two of enjoying myself I decided I wanted to buy the full MW game. So I buy it and am asked for a restart I think, OK I already downloaded 88GBs it cant be that much more to install if anything at all, I should have already installed all the files, but NOOO, I have another 88GB installation to go through. Even still I am like okay I should be good to pause and continue to play Warzone with my friends since I have all the game files and have been playing for days. Other instances of BLIZZ games allow you to play without the entire game installed this should be the same. Not the case here, I am annoyed, I know its not long to install but tonight I planned to play with my friends and had no warning that I would be locked into this installation… I tried a few things to pause and play but nothing worked. I researched and nothing has been done about this issue.

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i have trash internet and i have just been locked into the same problem as previously mentioned. i just want to play warzone with my friends in the next couple of days and warzone wont connect to the blizzard services. someone please help

Found the solution samething happen to me. all you do is go to modify installation and check off modern warfare campaign, multiplayer, & etc