Why am i directed to this site? Feedback?

I play one game. WOW, Retail. I open the WOW forums, and get redirected to here, the Blizz forums? I don’t see a way to access WOW forums from this page.
I’m supposed to provide feedback? Ok, i don’t like the picture of the blonde on the loading page. Twisted looking. Also, as my game interests only extend to WOW Retail, this site has very little appeal to me.
Let me go.

Hi CharlesHenry,

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues accessing the WoW forums. You may have an old URL bookmarked or saved. If you require an updated URL, you can always access the latest URL for the forums via the navigation on https://worldofwarcraft.com.

If you still experience issues when accessing the forums via the link in the navigation on worldofwarcraft.com, it would be best to reach out to Customer Suport via the support portal website.

Hey, Thank you! Very much appreciate the guidance.

I click to enter the WOW forums, and the page loads and once completed, redirects me here. But it doesn’t happen when i use a alt. browser. Sigh… prolly something enabled, somewhere, i need to disable…