Who is with me?

Once in awhile I get booted but I’m online and ready to go, who is with me?

Just about everyone using Bliz’s version of D1.


I don’t see people in channels or games though, maybe 1 or 2 in channels once in awhile actually.

I was just fooling around.

I was referring to the getting booted part of your post. Lots of people are having that same issue.

Oh I see, it’s interesting because yesterday I played for maybe an hour without an issue, but today I get booted every couple minutes.

I think I saw you in there yesterday, the game was called, “hi”. Maybe it was someone else, I don’t know, but I do know one thing.

The game doesn’t work. It’s totally unstable and crashes constantly. So, it’s pointless to play it. If I figure out something about that, I’ll let everyone know.

Leviathan is also working with me on it. For now…crickets. Nobody’s home in Diablo Uno.

Actually, yeah, I think I saw you (Grekko) too, a couple days ago. We tested the Bliz-GoG crossplay.

I’m going try a ddwrapper once I’m home today. I wonder if the crashes are also caused by rendering errors (along with the blackscreens and drawing/refresh errors).

Someone around here said GoG uses a ddwrapper and that’s why their versions are stable.

Fixed the previously mentioned issues and solved the update loop and then solved the blackscreen issue by downgrading the files color limits to 8bit (256) and fixing the screen res to 640x480. Now the big issue seems to be it will not allow you to connect to multiplayer at all, it just boots you from the game and force closes the client at the character creation/selection screen. I’m not into refunding the game until I know for sure blizzard will not do anything about it.

Yea we had 3 people in the same game right? Idk what ddwrapper is but if it helps me not crash then please share what I have to do.

DirecrtDraw Wrapper

In short, it helps the graphics of older games display properly on modern systems. That can sometimes include mitigating crashes from graphics related errors caused by old games.

“DirecrtDraw Wrapper” can be searched online and found on various file hosting sites. But like with all things internet, care has to be taken when choosing what and where to download.

Ok makes sense, I don’t want to accidentally download something that I am unaware of what it is, but it’s helpful to know and maybe see if I can find some other people have seen to work for them.

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Makes sense, yes. ok

For some reason, the game tells me I don’t have UDP port 6112 open, and I have it open. Do I have to open it in my router? :I

Also for the Direct Draw Wrapper, you can find one with a graphical interface to adjust resolution and a couple of other video options via tilde or ~, as well as windowed support and it’s fully online compatible as it modifies no game files, and only modifies the graphics library the game calls on runtime.
You do need DirectX 9 installed, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 installed, but if you have both, it’s quite literally drag and dropping it into the game’s directory to run it.

You can find it if you google strangebytes diablo 1 and it’ll (most likely) be the top non-ad result.
It says Windows 7/Vista patch, but it works perfectly well in 10 and 11 as 10 and 11 aren’t different enough from 7 in how older graphics libraries are run to even create problems.

You need ports 6112 through 6119 opened in any firewalls you have, and those ports need to be forwarded as UDP and TCP in your router settings.