Who can help china m+ player!

Hello, here is a World of Warcraft player from China.
Recently, in the Chinese region of the World of Warcraft M+, there are many warlocks and Dk who use the ability of the Torghast, Tower of the Damned to play the M+, they not only maliciously use this kind of bug to improve their own M+ scores, but also have the MMR boosting maliciously use this kind of bug to create a large number of accounts with M+ scores over 3900 points, they use one or two accounts that maliciously use the bug to enhance the score of others, and charge high prices, 30+ M+ Eye of Azshara (instance) single player charge in more than 1200 yuan, this behavior led to the national service environment is very bad, the season is about to settle, because this season there is a M+ top0.1% title, this behavior caused the China service score line soaring. China World of Warcraft player population base in the global front, but because there is no transparent official M+ score data, This malicious use of bugs is intensifying getting worse and worse, my friends and I has repeatedly reported to the China service operator at this time, but they do not have any measures. we are very disappointing.
This behaviour already badly against the fairness of the game.
Hope someone can help us!!

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