Where do i find my own library?

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using the launcher for the first time in ages and i have to say… wtf?
the only thing regarding games i see is to show me blizzard games, activision games or both, where’s a list of the games i own? atm i’m using the favourite option to mark the games but shouldn’t that be there to mark the games i play most and not all the ones i have?


i too, would like to sort my games by “installed” or “owned”. the favorite mark is the only thing for now.


I Agree.

-The new “look” of the Blizzard “app” is not only ugly and unsightly, but it offers no options to hide things I don’t want to see.

-I much preferred when the launcher only showed games I actually had installed (or owned)

-The app should have a “My Games” list. But all it has is “All Games”, “Favorites”, “Blizzard”, and “Activision” with no options to remove or hide these lists from the main page view…

-There’s a shop tab which is where I feel that all of the above mentioned “Lists” should be located. I shouldn’t be seeing them on the main page view.

-The launcher was far more clean and seemed better organized before this odd update that made everything more “Let’s change it to look like a windows 10 appview” mess

-The “Windows” look is gross, clumsy, disorganized, and horribly inefficient. It doesn’t need to be mirrored in any fashion by anyone other than Windows itself.

-I Preferred the cleaner look compared to this mess that’s called an “app”

-I strongly suggest implementing user-friendly customization options such as:

  1. The ability to remove/add games lists (Including the ability to create my own custom list and delete/hide undesired lists)

  2. User-friendly options for Friends list, Such as being able to separate the list and/or conversations from the launcher app itself into a new separate window or even having options to have the friends list remain open while I’m running a Blizzard/activision game even if I’ve already closed the app after launching said game.

  3. Return to dropdown listview or at least provide a toggle-able switch option (ie: Clicking on Blizzard games opens a list beneath it with titles of Blizzard’s games instead of the bulky, and in my oppinion, unsightly square app view)

  4. The Blizzard Desktop app “Looks” Like it has a search bar located to the left of the “all games” option but instead appears to only be a monocolor graphic with no real functionality. It would be better if this were an actual search option that could be used to search for app terms, games info, and maybe even support or forum topic discussions.

Also as a side-note: There are games missing from the launcher itself.

-Diablo II
-Warcraft II
-Warcraft III (not the reforged version)


I thought I was just me. It can’t be an oversight, it is more than likely a terrible decision that shows their utter contempt for their customer base.

I couldn’t see anything but a shopfront.

Hiding games I purchased in order to force me to go through a shop and click on games to see if I purchased them or not.
That is a new low.


I too was trying to find my old games I am at a place with limited bandwith to do anything online and I brought up to some of my coworkers that we should all load some of the older games like Diablo 2 that we can play across a local network. So here I am trying to find Diablo 2 and I cannot find it nor any reference that I own it or any other games that I have purchased.

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Correct. Those old games are not compatible with the launcher and run either on your PC directly, or on the old Battlenet. They are not on the launcher for that reason. They use their old launchers like they always have. The Bnet Desktop App only includes the modern games that use the Battlenet 2.0 infrastructure.

Games you have bought should be clearly noted. I agree with that.

That game is not on the Launcher because it is not compatible with modern Battlenet. If you have added your old D2 (2000) or LoD (2001) key to your Battlenet you can find it listed under your web account Summary -

That lists every game you have purchased from Blizzard that is attached to your Bnet. Your Diablo 2 game key will be in the Classic Games section if you have added it to your account.

If you want to Download Diablo 2 then you need to use the manual download link which is also accessable in Account Management.

Just beware that old Battlenet D2 has restrictions - including temp banning you if you play from a Business ISP or use a VPN.

Blizzard doesn’t care about you comments or concerns. You already bought the games so you have to deal with what ever they shove in your face. I have gone through pages of these comment and concerns and noticed that blizzard has done nothing about them. The people who write these post need to be taken seriously. These gamers are smart and know what they want. Everyone else is a mindless drones that just clicks or buys whatever you present them. The app went from cool to poo in one foul update.


I can only agree. Of all the launchers I have - and I have many - this is easily the slimiest thing I’ve seen. Mixing up paid games with my owned games inevitably results in people clicking on games they don’t own and some purchase. What happened to Blizzard??


What an absolutely trashy company. I have zero respect for Activi$ion.


I am also new here. I looked at the take a tour function of the app, which only showed what’s right in front of me, but didn’t show where my actual library is.


I absolutely and whole-heartedly agree, the fact that a games LAUNCHER does not have a MY LIBRARY option of games, sorted by installed in alphabetical and then uninstalled in alphabetical with a working search bar is an absolute disgrace.

If I click on GAMES instead of SHOP, why the hell am I seeing a shopfront and not my GAMES… Blizzard to be honest this is completely unacceptable and is frankly impossible to be an oversight. The very fact of considering this letalone executing on this means I will be actively boycotting purchasing ANY games through this storefront, and will be boycotting games if I cannot buy them elsewhere.

I only found this post because I googled “where do I find games I own,” only to find that I have to go to my account online to see a payment history with no install button.

Don’t intertwine the games I’ve purchased with a shopfront I have no desire to see.

Seriously, completely and utterly unacceptable behaviour. If you’ve seen a reduction in usage of your launcher, THIS is the reason why.


Just got back into gaming as it’s going into the fall. Loaded up Battlenet to find I can’t find my library. Search “how to access library on battlenet” like others have and came to this post. The fact this has existed for months without being changed shows that they really don’t care. Uninstalled and won’t be buying and Blizzard or Activision products in the near future.


i was about to buy diablo 2 resurrected. i just wanted to see what parts of diablo 3 i had.

oh well. back to other platforms. maybe someday battlenet will have this?

They do have it. You can go to your Battlenet account on the website and view a whole lot of things, including every game you have and every purchase you have made.

From the top right of the website where you see your battletag name there is a drop down. Go to Account Settings > Games and Subscriptions. You can also view Transactions.

Mine has Reaper of Souls under the Games and subs as the last expansion applied. Then under transaction history it shows me I bought the Necro pack in 2017.

Same, I wanted to know if it make sense to buy the Prime Evil upgrade or not, and had no success on find what I own. I hate to compare but Steam does this so much better.
Google brought me here, and looks like Blizzard has no plan on change this terrible design. Well, I guess I’ll wait then. We have plenty of games to play nowadays. I’m not going to pay $40 for nostalgia when the company no longer care about the player.

Since the Battle.Net app removed the “My Library” tab I found a solution for myself:

  1. Install GOG Galaxy
  2. Install Battle.net integration in GOG Galaxy:
  • Settings (Gear sign top left) - add games & friends - connect gaming accounts
  • Community Integrations tab - Search GitHub - type “battle”
  • See and click “Battle.net” - “Connect”
  • Now you have your Blizzard Games Library tab! (And also all your Steam, Origin, Epic Store, Uplay games in ONE place)
    I will be glad if that solution will help people like me :slight_smile: