Where can I get the New version?

Trying to get this game up and running on my pc with GOG Galaxy… Wont let me on battle net saying there is a new version?? what am I missing?

To play on battle.net you need to select the “classic” version in the launcher, also do not forget to add your serial key, you can find that from within the launcher.
Your serial key should be found in your gog profile in your game’s library under the game’s related informations.

We play the game every weekends and I stream them maybe you wanna hangout sometime too :smiley:

i’ve done all that but still wont allow me online

Well here we can´t post screen captures so if the problem persist I invite you to join my discord you can find a link to that in my Youtube or Twitch profile page same name as here ( Trogallart ) and seek help there.

But for the matter at hand if you try to connect to the Global gateway you need to make sure your game is at the correct version. when you start your game and are in the main menu there should be written: “Warcraft II BNE v2.02” in white at the bottom right of your screen under the buttons.

If that is not the case then you need to patch your game to make that happen. :slight_smile:

is says to uninstall and reinstall which I did then says I have a virus which is not the case… oh well seems like I just wont be able to play it online.

If you installed your game from GOG, launching the classic version after adding your CD key should do the trick.
If your connection is really slow you may need to port forward the 6112 ports both on udp and tcp.
Also you may want to look if you have a firewall or an antivirus blocking the game from connecting to battle.net in which case you may have to add an exception rule for the game.