Where are the forums for most of the games?

I seem to remember that on this server there were forums for pretty much any game that Blizzard ever made in a multitude of languages.

Where have they gone? Eg the German language forums for D3 and WoW?


Most recent games now have their own forums… with the exception of Diablo: Immortal which is mostly located here.

German language forum for D3 : https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/de/d3/

German language forum for WoW : https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/de/wow/


For some games, you may have a link directly on the Battle.Net Desktop App… for example, for D3, I have:

I am not sure how it works for other languages or other regions but, on my system, using that button opens up the Americas region Diablo III forums in English. Perhaps this is because I am located in North America… if you are in Europe, perhaps the Desktop App is smart enough to open the Europe region forum.

To switch region and/or language, I can then go to the bottom of that page, click on the Earth icon, and select the appropriate region and/or language.

I hope this helps.