When release map hack?

If map hack is released , it is expected to purchase the Diablo II: Resurrected

Map hacks were never approved by Blizzard and are against the TOS. What are you trying to ask?

It is because the past experience .
In the past when I played the diablo 2 , it was very inconvenience without using map hack,
whatever I used teleport skill in D2

Map hack is like UI in world of warcraft , help players involve their emotion, passion in D2
Also , new player more easy way to enjoy the game together.

Maybe Father Blizzard has been forgot is it a game , a entertainment game ,
Players in D2 only treasure hunts , and forgot the game fun together.

This is the dumbest thing i’ve ever read and I wish I didn’t stumble upon it.


Idk how some of you have honestly made it this far in life… Like how did you even figure out signing up for an account and making this post?

I feel like my braincells are dying just reading this OP is pretty much admitting to using hacks and 3rd party software on a public blizzard forum how dumb can you get?

Are you stupid or something? Stop wasting bandwidth.

And you necroed this 6 month old thread that had funally died all so you could get your personal insult in?