What's the point of feedback if there's no response to it?

Clearly us D2R players are all pissed about having to wait hours in a queue to play a game we paid for. The worst part are all the crashes. How many people sat there for a half hour to hour to get into game just to have it crash and have to wait another hour for the queue? You took LAN play away despite promising you would keep it, and then throw a queue at us for a half-baked attempt at fixing a problem that you should have anticipated. How about taking all that money you just earned off of us and actually fixing your server situation? How about addressing the really pissed off player base? How about some COMMUNICATION?!


The posts about the game, database, server issues, and queue are on the D2R forums. That is also where you would go to give feedback.

Queue Patch notes

Instead of telling us about “where to post this” we want you to go to your boss right now and say I don’t want to work for this embarassment any longer.

serioulsy, you dont work for blizzard please stop, you are not helping any of us upset paying customers, this poster is correct.

Sir, this is a Wendy’s comes to mind.

The poster is totally incorrect. 1. They assume I work for Blizzard when I don’t. Second, if people want communcations about D2R they need to be in the D2R forums or info channels. Posting here won’t get them what they want.

I don’t just sit and laugh in real life when someone is lost either. I point them in the direction of where they wanted to be.

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