What does mythic-keystone-profile actually return?

The endpoint:


The description says “Returns the Mythic Keystone profile index for a character.” and the runs are under the “best_runs” key.

I am not completely clear on what this endpoint is actually doing. My GUESS is that it’s doing one of the following:

  1. Listing the ten best runs for the current week
  2. Listing the current week’s runs, restricted to the most recent ten
  3. Listing the runs from the current week that qualify as ‘best’ for a specific set of affixes

Just because the people I know aren’t running a whole lot of M+ this week, I’m having difficulty narrowing it down (or figuring out if I’m completely wrong). Can anyone clarify the nature of the data coming off of this endpoint?

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In < 9.1, best_runs was populated by the best timed and untimed runs for the entire season.

I’m presuming with the rating system, it’ll just be the highest completed Tyrannical and Fortified keys for each dungeon for the season.