What did the new app actually improve?

I think people are saying less ads and that’s about all I can see.

  • Chat tab gone, needs it’s own window open now. Not an improvement in my opinion.
  • Friends list is obtrusive and can’t be popped out anymore. Not an improvement.
    -Submitting a ticket is harder to do or not possible at all? Not an improvement.
    -Easy to click games on the left are moved to the top and somehow makes it look more cluttered. Not an improvement.
    -League of Legends style feed that is cluttered and provides information most people don’t care about and wont look at. Not an improvement.

They don’t want you to open tickets anymore. The goal is to frustrate you by going into an endless loop in hopes that you’ll just give up.

I swear they’re deliberately trying to make things as hard as possible. They also have no original ideas anymore. That’s why they took this idea from LoL.


I fully agree, that’s exactly what this looks like.


It didnt improve anything. Its the newest Warcraft 3 Reforged patch. They want u to see crap interface so that u dont overthink all the other crap that happens in our world

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