Well what do know…

Got on today and actually got to clear the sewers before…… you guessed it SEVER CRASH lol dang peeps. Back to the same BS. no chars on start up. How about you actually fix instead of waiting for the problem to “resolve” itself then announcing you did something. Just an FYI your not fixing it if you just wait till server pop gets low and it works then announce you fixed it.

I just found a Shako, equipped it and left the game… Then servers are down. It showed my character still using Tarn helm. If I lost the Shako I’ll be pissed.

They have marketed and sold us a product that is not working. Class Action Lawsuit? It seems to be similar to some of the same things they had go wrong with WOW.

I just tried to refund my order. I know it is past the refund date. However, these are extraordinary circumstances… being sold something that is not as advertised.

Sorry, this order is not eligible for refund.

Orders purchased more than 72 hours ago are not eligible for a refund.

are u aware this is the diablo 1 forum