Weird bug when using controllers on PC

Hi there. Just doing a sanity check here – I’m playing the Arcade Collection on Windows, and every controller I plug in is mapped completely wrong.

To use Playstation terms:
X (confirm) is for some reason mapped to Square (options)
Square (Options) is for some reason mapped to O (Cancel)
O (Cancel) is mapped to Triangle (Not even a menu control option!)

I’ve tried with a DS4 controller, a DS5, a DS4 through DS4Windows, and even an SNES Classic Controller through an adapter, and all of them have the same weird misconfiguration.

Any fix for this, aside from “play with a keyboard like some kind of heathen”?

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My Xbox One controller won’t respond when using the game. It works just fine on every other game I try. I’m not using any 3rd party software, just Win10.

It seems like the game detects the controller, like the options will see the controller and even load a control scheme, but none of the buttons respond when pressed.

Feels like a patch needs to address this. Guess I will just keep playing Lost Vikings on emulators.

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I can confirm that that I am currently suffering from a similar issue described in Volition’s above post. I’m unable to navigate past the title screen when being asked to “Press A To Play”, let alone see an option menu.

After spending $60 on three games I could have also easily continued to emulate, this is pretty ridiculous. Please roll out a patch.

Playing on Windows 10 (19041.804 Build)
Game installed on a HDD