Weird administrator request from

I was playing WoW today (in the middle of a Mythic+), and got a permissions notification that took over my screen on Windows 10, saying that Admin Agent wants permissions.

The program SEEMS legit, it’s agent.exe in the folder and is licensed by Blizzard, but I’ve literally never seen this before. What’s going on?


+1, except I only play OW in, not WoW.
I denied Admin Agent’s request for elevated permissions and everything seems to be working fine, but I’m puzzled as to why they were asked for in the first place. Can tech support give any hint?


+1, same but I was starting to play HOTS and this popup came on. I wonder why are they requesting it now.


BLZBNTAGT00000841 error and says to try and run as admin. done and done. never needed to run battlenet as admin before. last step is to reload entire game

Just happened to me as well, I was not in any game at the time.


I just got hit with 4 back to back requests, I approved of the first two, but then started denying the second two. I asn’t even playing any games when it popped up


I just got like EIGHT of these requests while I was playing SoD and streaming, really annoying to suddenly be taken back to desktop with a notification that keeps coming up. I denied some but it kept popping up, approved some and it popped up a couple more times. Really annoying. Battlenet agent should NOT need higher level permissions


I have been getting this for the past few days. They interrupted 1V1 matches in StarCraft II, twice. Glad to see others are having it and reporting it. Definitely seemed fishy because that’s never happened before and the client should know not to interrupt gameplay like that. Was worried I was being attacked with some kind of code injection or something.


This happened to me and half my group members during a run of Scarlet Monastery in Classic.


I’m experiencing that too from about few days. Got requests from Agent several times every day in a row. I’m accepting this, but it keeps coming back. I hope this is a right way to accept it btw. Reinstalling the App doesn’t help. I’m on Win 10 Pro.

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I also got one while playing Overwatch, I got scared that someone was trying to steal my Battlenet account, btu hopefully I am not the only one with this problem. I don’t think that it’s from Blizzard because as mentioned before they won’t do anything to disturbe you from gameplay, but it’s surely a common problem. Maybe this really are hackers.


Bump. Would like a response, please.

Hmm weird! I also just had this happen for 3 of them back-to-back! What’s going on bliz?

+1 I’ve had a couple of these pop-ups today, my GF started seeing them a couple days ago.

Hey. There are a ton of other people having this issue, myself included. You can see a thread of other people having the issue in the WoW forums too.

I really think that a blue post of some kind is needed to explain the issue or preferably something coming from official blizzard comms, (a twitter account etc.). People are rightfully scared and concerned. Why does a game need to ask for high level permissions so insistently? And yet Blizzard is DEAD SILENT? Seems like this is something that should have been addressed within an hour or so.

I don’t THINK there is anything malicious, but when your program consistently asks for elevated permissions for no apparent reason, people have the right to be concerned and Blizzard should be answering. Amazed there is no response.

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Well, the reason for the silence is obvious. Microsoft laid off the entire customer support staff for Activision-Blizzard on January 25. So, there’s no one left to communicate here about this issue.

That seems very odd. Haven’t ran into that issue yet.

When they change anything in the Bnet Agent, the Windows Firewall will ask if you still want to let this program run on your system. This popup happened over a week ago for me. I allowed it and haven’t had a single issue since then.

The request isn’t for the Windows Firewall. It’s for elevated permissions. Not super great… especially when this isn’t something that normally happens (I’ve never seen it).

I’ve been having the same problem, along with the same concern. I’m aware other people have raised similar forum posts, as i’ve created one myself with not much response sadly.

I did raise a support ticket through their customer support. But i got told someone from the dev team needs to answer my specific question. To which i need to ask in the forums. Which is sadly us going around in circles.

The only interesting thing i’ve noticed is. On the day the update happened and I clicked yes for the first UAC pop up. I went through my battle net logs and noticed the following.

When it launched via admin that day, it gave itself loglevel=4 access and hit up an adminport.

Then the agent decided to open a listener port on 6881

Which it has never done before. Which concerns me, maybe what it’s doing is normal and legit. But i dont like not knowing…

Anyone else got similar logs? Or know what it was doing?