We need Ukrainian language

We need Ukrainian language on the Activision Blizzard websites and the battle.net app. Now it is the time to notice and support your Ukrainian players.

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe by area. We are a large, promising and solvent market. We are very grateful for adding Ukrainian hryvnias to the store in March 2022. Due to this, you can precisely see how many of your players are from Ukraine . But if you add Ukrainian language to the site and the application, there will be even more of us.

About 45 million people all around the world speak Ukrainian. It is one of the top 20 most spoken languages ​​in the world.

Ukrainian esportsmen have repeatedly been champions of various tournaments, and regular gamers are constantly active.
Your Ukrainian players are at war now. Someone is in the trenches protecting the entire free world from totalitarianism, someone is volunteering, someone is at home, being under fire of the occupiers. And we all need your support. The Ukrainian language on the Activision Blizzard websites and the battle.net app is a very significant step towards your players, who are fighting for their freedom.

We are sure that Activision Blizzard doesn’t support russian aggression. But russia’s expansion continues not only at the warfront, but also in the sphere of culture. Russia is taking over other countries, imposing its language and seizing their information space. Therefore convincing other countries that all the territories captured by them are one single nation. But we are not. So we ask you not to support the linguistic occupation of Ukraine. It is now more important than ever.

Thousands of Ukrainian players hope for your support.

Blizzard, ukrainian people want a translation into Ukrainian. Another option is to allow those players who do not know the English language well to play on the Russian client on English-speaking servers, as is possible in the USA.
Blizzard, aggression and bullying are present on Russian WoW servers towards Ukrainians, Georgians, and other nationalities. The requirement to play in the language known to us on Russian servers has become unbearable in recent years!