'We couldn't verify the digital signature of your Battle.net Agent.'

Trying to start the Blizzard App, I’m getting this error:

‘We couldn’t verify the digital signature of your Battle net Agent. Follow the steps in this support article to fix this issue.’

The link brings me to:

support article 161074

I manually install the new certificate and get the same error - though the certificate installation process shows as successful. When I try to install a new installer as suggested by the above link, the installer program gives me the same error when I run it.

A couple of other things -

I am getting Agent.exe software error windows all of the sudden about not being able to access some part of memory. And I was playing fine a couple of hours ago with no issue. So this is new within just a couple of hours. I didn’t install anything new, but who knows what was going on in the background.


Hey there Jorta,

I might first try a clean reinstall of the app as described here. Though if it’s still not working I might suggest a temporary uninstall of any third party security apps, or if the problem happens without any security software installed then try a new admin user.