We can't find that Blizzard Account. BLZBNTTAS00000002

I can’t login Account Settings . why ? how i can
pleaseeeeee help me

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Same issue I can login to us battle net but when i click account settings it redirects me to korean battlenet and im not able to login there with same error.

My country is india my ip is identified as chennai no idea why it keeps pushing me to korea.

Also generally battlenet ids are same accross all regions once you create you can use it to login to eu us or asia but now im able to login only to us. If i try EU it says account doesnt exist.

My girlfriend is having this exact issue. She just created a new Blizzard account for World of Warcraft. She has installed the Blizzard desktop app and can log in to the app and install the game itself. But when she clicks on View Account from the desktop app menu or tries to log in directly on Battle.net on the web site she gets “We can’t find that Blizzard account”. She even reset her password just in case, same error.

I have an active Blizzard account as well and can log in to the web site without any issues. Please help!

Hello, two days ago I try to connect and according to the battle.net service my account is not found while all my information is good, please help me because I have the impression of being hacked