We are going through a revolution and a nuke level explosion devistated our capital and shook the whole country, would you be kind?

I know the title is a bit dramatic, but you can check it out yourself, just google “Beirut explosion”, you might be wondering why I’m creating this thread, it’s not for a unique request, on behalf of the tiny Lebanese player-base, i ask if you would let us have some escapism from this reality for a fair price

for a decently long time before the revolution started, our minimum wage was around 4500LBP(3$)/hr (only counting legal jobs, it even goes way lower in some places and it’s not infrequent), around November people started protesting the government, i won’t go too much into it but it’s the usual, too many corrupted people in power, a month later Covid hit, and a few months later the Beirut explosion happened, and in the meantime we saw the value of the LBP go down, 1USD went from 1500LBP to around 12000LBP, basically our currency went through 8x inflation in the past year (lowering the hourly salary to around $0.5/hr as of writing this),

before this happened 15$ was not so bad, now it’s neigh impossible unless you got someone on the outside willing to help, some banks won’t let us even spend more than 10$ a month on online products, so it’s literally impossible to even pay for it, I am basically begging you to receive our money here, I know it’s possible to pay less for subscription by basically using a vpn to Argentina(which has the same monthly salary as us btw), but i rather go through the legal process,

I wouldn’t bother if i didn’t know that blizzard, unlike other companies actually cares, so is it possible to have the prices for blizzard products, mainly the wow subscription be adjusted to players in Lebanon so that we can get back to enjoying them as we did in the past?
thank you for your time.


I hope Blizzard sees this. What a humbling message you posted. And honest. Thanks to you, now I understand why people are getting banned for using VPN’s.

Come on Blizzard; help them out a little. Final Fantasy XIV- always does something for player based areas that are impacted by natural disasters… COVID, etc… it’s not much but Square Enix does small things.

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As a fellow Lebanese player I completely agree with you. I just went ahead and did a quick search about Argentina’s prices and came upon a post where they upped the price from around 2$ to 3$ on their shop. I wish companies took us into consideration and gave us appropriate prices as well. I know there are more important things than games, but it can be a good distraction from the hardships of life we’re facing. Having appropriate measures taken to support us during such hard times and during some of our not so proud moments is the closed thing to make us feel a bit valued, especially when our government/politicians don’t give the slightest crap about us.

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Due to inflation and drop of the local currency the subscription is estimated at 150$ per month for a player earning in local currency. Plus the majority of the banks have set a capital control on our cards limiting them to 10$ International purchases per month.

It is becoming so difficult to subscribe from here.

Hopefully blizzard would take this into consideration!