WC3 Reforged S3 for Replays and Maps


AFAIK there are not any official Blizzard APIs for WC3 Reforged. However, it is my understanding both maps and replays are saved in S3.

For example:



I was wondering if opening up the listing to these replay / map folders would be possible?

I have put together a 3rd party API for getting data from WC3 replays so custom game communities can create stat tracking & ranking systems but it suffers greatly from “replay-holes”; games played where nobody uploaded a replay. There has been a fair amount of mapper / developer interest in the API since I started making it a year ago though the replay-hole concern is often cited.

If I don’t misunderstand how S3 is setup, I think this would be very beneficial. Would just need to make the listing public.

Happy to chat,