Wc2 multi player- making it work

So when first starting multi-player in battle net , I had to due the port forwarding and used the method per " portforward. com/warcraft-II " This worked for my cpu, but two friend’s of mine did not. We also did the modem port-forwarding change . This did not work! So we couldn’t figure out what settings to change for wireless connection! But by using a cable connection- with the port forwarding- they both now have multi-player working in battle net. Also note: I use a modem with built-in wireless router. My friends use a detached wireless router and had to plug-in directly into the modem. So they are getting a splitter to place between the modem and router, thus bypassing the router! Hope this helps, Good Luck !! ( I’m sure their is way to change router/modem settings, but that’s above my pay grade) ALSO NOTE: After plugging into modem directly you will need to reboot it !!