WC2 Battle net and GOG

After I made the forwarding ports (6112) to make WC2 work in multi user in battle net, I forgot that 5yrs ago I got WC2 on GOG. So I logged into GOG updated my WC2 and multi player works! However, my added maps didn’t show up in the maps list, but I might be able to add (upload) my disk file? or link it ? Also note: I have to do “Connect” 2 times, when I first start the game for it to work .

Put your maps in C:\Warcraft II\Maps\ or where ever you installed it.
BTW both bnet launcher and GoG connect to the same official battle.net gateway server. And GoG version is better due to there draw fixes, among other things.

Thanks ! I can move them to the maps in the wc2 file in my GOG folder.

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