Warzone update scanning loop

I’ve been trying to play warzone for weeks, everytime i get on it says it needs to update, i try to update it and it says scanning for hours until i realize it gets all the way to 100% and then just starts over scanning all over again. why can i not play my games if they need an update your launcher fails constantly. what is going on? how long does it take to fix this issue. I’ve uninstalled the launcher, deleted the files and reinstalled the launcher hoping that would reboot it or do something to help but no, nothing but the same issue over and over.


Im having the same problems, tried doing a scan and repair because my warzone keep giving me server disconnect errors, now it’s in a continuous update loop even though the game is fully up to date.

I have the same issue please help with this :sob::sob:

ive been having the same issue someone contact me if they figure it out

same issue here. let me know if you figure it out