Warzone Sudden FPS Drop!

Just played Warzone today and the game FPS just went from 60 to 17 everytime I Fight enemys and when Running around!!! What happened??? It was just normal yesterday… Specs: GTX 1050 2gb,. 8GB Ram., 256GB SSd,. Internet 100mbs… Please Fix it in the Maintenance… Ty!

same here specially when scoping the fps drop in surge

Dude., I fixed my problem., All I did was Format(Windows) my whole system and Everything is Silky Smooth., Don’t know what caused it., Hope that will help your situation. Let me know if you fix yours.

still persist bruh
dont know what happen

Hey all,

When it comes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone, Blizzard Technical Support is only able to offer support for install and patching. For issues with in-game performance such as FPS, please contact Activision Support.