Warzone reboot!

For all those asking about what happened at 2 pm central time. When you went in to play, you start with a team of 50, at rebirth island for 10 minutes, when a nuke bomb destroys Verdansk. You’ll see a huge mushroom cloud. Then, you are on the plane to jump in a smaller Verdansk map, around the airport. It’s more of a game that will let you see a new addition to the map. As the gas closes, you’ll be forced up near the dam from the airport, where you can run into this huge gorge, with running water. There are new buildings on these cliffs, with a cable car system and gondola’s you can get on. The new game will launch, when? I don’t know. I do know, that big update was for you to play the “2n’d” part of the “end of Verdansk”, but not the actual update for the new map.