Warzone not starting, error BLZBNTBNA00000012, no fix works

Ever since the last update, I have been unable to open Warzone. From Battle.net, it gives the error BLZBNTBNA00000012. I have tried everything from the help page and everything on the internet.

Things I have tried include:
-Restarting/rebooting everything
-Running Battle.net as administrator
-Running scan & repair (either returns “no repair necessary” or another error message)
-Starting Warzone from ModernWarfare.exe as administrator (sometimes can get into the game for about 10 seconds before it crashes and dies completely, sometimes says couldn’t connect to blizzard servers and freezes)
-Moving WZ to a new folder
-Removing command line options in WZ settings on Battle.net
-Changing region to all of Asia, Europe, Americas
-Deleting and reinstalling Battle.net
-Deleting and reinstalling Warzone

None of this has had any success. Please fix this issue or tell me how to work around it.


I guess we’re just fubar until Blizzard drops a patch.


I had the same issue that was solved by changing Image Scaling in Nvidia Control Panel Settings. When I enable Image Scaling under Manage 3D Settings, I get the BLZBNTBNA00000012 error. See if you have this enabled and if disabling it helps. If this does not help, try resetting your driver settings to the defaults.

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I feel like you’re on to something here, but I have a radeon gpu and the driver has different settings.

Just tried a factory reset of the graphics settings in the radeon control panel and it didn’t work, unfortunately.

Would be great to figure out if this is related to a specific setting in the radeon menu.

UPDATE 1/13/22:

After the update today still did not fix the problem, I decided to try one last thing.

I had a last-ditch idea to move the modern warfare folder to a new drive (it was on my E:\ drive, and I copied it to my D:\ drive and then deleted the version from E:)

This WORKED! I hope it is helpful to others.