Warzone, CPU & GPU time peak

About 1,5 weeks ago I started experience problems after WZ update.
CPU & GPU time in game lobby peaks around 100-120ms, game is totally unplayable.
Tried to reinstall WZ, but no luck. Reinstalled Win 11 and WZ still same problem.
No peaks or high usages in Task manager and various benchmarks runs fine.
Temps on CPU and GPU are fine.

Latest drivers for GPU/Chipset.

Ryzen 3700x,16GB DDR4, RX580 4GB, MSI B350m Mortar Arctic

Hey @tuggz, i’ve had the same issue since this weekend. However, it appears to be resolved for me after BIOS update… check if there is new one available for your board

I have too Ryzen 7 3700X, 16GB DDR4 but with MSI B450 Tomahawk and RTX 2070 Super.

Hope there is one and helps you too!

Hey there,

Limitations with Blizzard Support for Activision titles.
In regards to Activision, we only handle the distribution of the game client for Activision. We will assist with anything related to the desktop application and anything with the game client that involves purchasing, activating, downloading/installing and launching. Anything that occurs after you can press the play button is going to be addressed through the Activision support portal: Support Options | Activision Support

Definitely try Chestnuts solution of updating your system, including bios, network drivers, gpu and audio. Most games that update frequently need all the latest updates to run properly so keeping those up to date will be the first step here.

Beyond that disabling potential software that could be eating resources or conflicting with the game may help. Beyond that, reach out to Activision support via the link above.