Warzone constantly crashing error 6.154

constantly crashing after second to last update and wasnt fixed with this previous update!! I’m on PC and getting a

DISK READ ERROR [6.154]: ‘global_stream_mp.fp’

anyone with the same issue or fix?


Same issue here, generally I get to fetching online update then crashes, but have started getting this error too, spent most of the day attempting all the usual fixes, all the time vanguard is running fine with no problems be great to get some help with this. operating system is updated, all drivers correct and updated, cleared battle net cache, deleted MW folder in my docs, verified game, reinstalled game. disabled xmp profile and reenabled, i am using windows 11 but as mentioned no errors before update and vanguard and cold war runs fine

Same issue here! Reinstalled, updated windows, and drivers, safe mode, disabled XMP, nothing…

I’ve got multiple crash dump files but nowhere to send them since activision doesn’t have any customer support.

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Further down in the comments you need to disable the Sonic audio device as well

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Yep I can confirm this works, I did see this fix before and initially tried to uninstall sonic studio but windows seems to install it again, I had to disable through the sound control panel. So far warzone has worked fine but i’ll update if that changes. Thanks @htmlboss your a legend

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