Warzone 2 not opening after making new account

so i downloaded the game but never played it as it always needed big updates , so today i let it do the updates and then checked my account settings and noticed an old number of course i couldnt change it as have snapped the sim up so had to make a new account witch ive added a number and verified with app , so i sign in and try to play warzone 2 and it just says playing then goes back to play , one think i have noticed is it shows in the installed section off the launcher but not in my games , and when i try to scan games and direct it to the folder its installed in it doesnt find it ive tried renaming it and that does nothing so my question is do i have to redownload it as ive signed in to a new account , EDIT turns out the game needs avx , wish theyd off mentioned that as in the requirments as it says u need fx 6300 witch my cpu is much more powerfull and at 4.3 ghz has simular single core to stock 1600x … only solution is to upgrade but where in a cost of living crises so i cant afford to upgrade !!!