Warcraft orcs and humans

Anyone else think a remastered Warcraft 2 nd Warcraft orcs and humans would be the dopest thing ever? hopefully blizz hooks it up soon!

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Well. They did it. I have no idea why the system requirements show 1GB disk space, though… I still have the original 1994 CD, and the whole game doesn’t even take up one disk. CD’s are around 700MB or so total.

Not actually remastered. Just made available again from the Blizzard launcher. An actual remaster would still be pretty cool. I wouldn’t change the mechanics of the game at all, but just add some quality of life stuff, such as watchers for multiplayer games and map previews before the game is started, and an updated ranking system.

yes we need it it would be awesome in my opinion

way points, better pathing for the units and more they could do.