Warcraft II Battle.Net Edition not launching on Win11

I recently bought the Warcraft II Battle.Net Edition in the Blizzard Store and when I try to launch it, it fails. I tried launching from the Blizzard launcher and from the .exe, I tried adjusting the Compatibility Options and no luck.

I ran the Compatibility Troubleshooter and it is telling me that the game is an invalid program.

Is there a fix or workaround I can do to get the game running?


I had an issue with it launching, it would go into the application, screen would flash black, then exit to desktop no error or anything.

Ended up needing to do windows update, and it works now.

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I have exactly the same problem. I’m so deceived I paid for this game that doesn’t work properly.

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Hey all,

Grab these files and place them in the game’s installation folder.

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The black screen you may need option 3 from this link. Please read and find/compare your error file. Use at your own risk as the creator states, “The patch shouldn’t be applied by the user because the game executable is signed, Blizzard/GOG should fix it.”

Github War2 fixes


why would we have to goto github to have a working game from a company built on quality…just sayin…also company basically trying to have you install “beta” software fore a game they created decades ago

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It’s because they are being released “as is”

It’s the same copy/version that was previously downloadable from the ftp site. It’s just been moved to the launcher.

dude where in the installation folder? in which folder sub set??? Because I downloaded it and extracted to the warcraft 2 folder and nothing changed…
(why is this company selling me a game it can’t get to launch??? why is it the same as some websites version of the game, this is this companies game? You don’t have the original files and code?) Why is this a thing???

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What’s the path and folder you placed the files in?

As for the functionality, like was explained above, Bliz is selling an old game “as is”. They are not updating or remastering, etc. It’s the enact same version you’d get if you installed from the original CD and patched it up to the last patch that ever released. In other words, the game is very old.

We know the game is old, but it should work without outside manipulation. Many a customer are being deceived.

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You never need to suffix with the words, “just sayin”. It’s obvious that you JUST said it. Speak your mind. The way this product was released is not in acceptable condition, and it should be refunded.

Those two statements can’t really be true at the same time. Try installing original versions of old game like King’s Quest or Lode Runner, they aren’t going to work without modifications.

The games is being sold as is, meaning they are in the same state as they were when they were patched for the last time decades ago. There have been no advertisements or even mentions about updates or remasters.

Just be sure to do so within 14 days of purchase.

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