Warcraft 3 reforged beta

I can’t launch the beta on my mac computer. I’ve fully installed but when I click “play” it says “launching” for a few seconds than the button turns back to “play” without launching anything.


Hey there Vanya,

I’d start by removing any security software that did not come with the Mac. This would be a temporary test measure to rule out a software compatibility issue. Might also be a good idea to check the device for software updates to ensure it’s running the latest Mac OS build.

I am having this exact same problem. Just updated OS, and dont have any security.

Are others having this problem? Vanya - did you figure it out?

Haven’t figured it out yet. I updated my mac, there are no security settings that are abnormal. Even after downloading the actual game today it still will not open. Please give me some info here… it must be on blizzards end…

I’m with ya, Raynor! I mean Vanya! Just downloaded Reforged. Was excited to get to play it. Starts to open then within 30 seconds crashes. I’ve checked everything I know to check, but no such luck.

I am having the exact same issue… I click ‘Play’ and it will say ‘Launching’ for about 10 seconds before turning back into a blue ‘Play’ button.

Any solutions yet???

Thanks for your reports! We have seen reports of this and gathering information on issues with MacOS launching Warcraft III. By chance, does switching to the Beta Desktop Application help with the game launches?

To switch to the Beta client, open the Blizzard Application, then go to Settings > Beta and select Switch to Beta . You will need to install the client first, then relaunch once its complete.

If you continue to experience issues, could you provide the Overview details under Apple Icon > About this Mac? This should include the Mac Model, Processor, Memory, Graphics, and MacOS Version.