Warcraft 3 Reforged Beta not working

I was able to download the game, upon opening the program the music plays and the cursor hand shows up, all else is a black screen, nothing clickable. Anyone having a similar issue and figured out how to fix?

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having the same issue after the update today/

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First look up this Blizzard Forums discussion page:


Second, a Blizzard tech will answer the post further down in the discussion. He will provide a link to the website to help you fix the problem.

Third, read this part after you have followed the steps at the website. It worked for me:

It says to change the program to the NVIDIA processor. Did not work for me when I changed it for just warcraft. But when i changed it for all of the programs that had “Blizzard” in it for example ( Blizzard Update client, Blizzard Browser). it should work after that