Warcraft 3 Reforged Balance issues on Human - worst race

Warcraft 3 Reforged Balance issues on Human RACE
-Human is too weak compared to all races. can you fix them
-they are always short on lumbers. upgrades in blacksmith has 4 upgrades, orc has just 3.
-peasant die easily even with militia and cannot be fast expand on 2nd town hall cant militia. (undead ziggurat can tower immediately with just 1 worker, elf’s building can attack, orc burrow can hide. human is totally useless at fast expand as tower die easily.
-“farm” are useless amongst all race (moon well can heal, burrow can hide peon and shoot, ziggurat can upgrade to towers.
-mountain king is too slow , both walk and attack. mana pool too low.
-archmage is useless, aura does not provide fast mana regeneration. (undead’s statue have 600 mana pool can have unlimited mana)
-priest healing is too slow and die easily.
-gryphon is the worst units for tier 3 (damage is too low health and too slow damage, expensives for upgrades for hammer,(frost wyrm have high HP can splash cold damage to slow enemy)

please FIX human as its underpower. and have to use alot of effort compare to all race.

-Cryptlord’s beetle has no expiry in summoning.

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