Warcraft 3 classic: cannot install on macOS Catalina clean install

For different reasons I had to clean install macOS Catalina.
And now Warcraft 3 classic won’t install. Fresh download from Blizzard. Seems to be related to battle.net because the error is related to it.

Will the installer be updated?


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Hey, ASFR! Warcraft III (Classic) is compatible and should be able to run on Catalina. The only application we’re currently experiencing issues with is Diablo II at the moment. What error are you receiving when installing Warcraft III?

The error is BLZBNTBTS0000005C while running the installer.

In the Shared user folders the BattleNet icons are with a forbidden signs.

Cannot post pictures to help make it more concrete.


I had the same issue and resolved it. the dedicated battle.net App needs to be installed. After you install it the downloaded WCIII classic installer should work :slight_smile:

maybe this should be mentioned instead of the errorcode?

The main problem is likely going to be permissions. We’ll want to check on those first, then do a clean install of the Blizzard App. Even though the game you’re installing is the older version of Warcraft 3 it does still use the same patching service. It should still help with the issue.

Permissions Troubleshooting:

  1. Application Support Permissions
  2. Disk Permissions
  3. Shared Folder Permissions
  4. Game Folder and File Permissions

Once that’s done, go ahead and reinstall the Blizzard Battle net App Let us know if this works for you.

Warcraft 3 classic is not using the new Battle net desktop app as you know but the old one.
My guess is that the Battle net being installed on clean install is a 32bit version (explaining the forbidden sign on the application icon).

See screenshot here: https: //homeDOTmycloudDOTcom/action/share/590cb764-67b5-4b62-85f4-5b4e1feb67e3


Hi there,

Although I don’t need newer Battle Net desktop it solved my problem.

Indeed if you install the newer Battle Net, it will install an updated version of legacy Battle Net (v. 2.18.8) that runs on Catalina. Warcraft III will install 2.12.2 that won’t run on Catalina

Im may case the issue seems to be the agent and blizzard error which is not running. I installed Catalina today. Also re dowloaded wc3 from blizzard.com today. when I looked into the files I found that “agent” and “blizzard error” both have the blocked icon covered over it. Will this be updated? Or what can I do? thanks