Warcraft 2 Server Need Fix Like Starcraft

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The update of SC to SCR changed the game to run on the modern Battlenet. However, WC1, WC2 and D1 run on the old Battlenet.

In order to change them to the modern Battlenet, they would require a change to the games themselves. It’s not something that can be fixed on the server side.

You must forward a range of ports for WC2 to work correctly. It’s a limitation of the game’s old netcode. This is true of every official copy of WC2 (and D1) no matter where you get it from: the original, GoG’s version and Bliz’s current version.

Don’t be so sure. Once bugs are worked out, people often rebuy the games.

As mentioned above, the port error is something the player must fix. Other issues like the update looping are being looked into by Bliz.

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So the old starcraft was running exactly the same as warcraft 2 bne before and blizzard manage to fix it to work. but for this game its not possible. this sounds ridiculous. IT can be done if blizzard spend some time on it. Then it should not be possible for starcraft brood war either to run as it run today. but it does. I dont really get this. SO why even release it when you have to research and struggle ur butt out in order to host a game? its not fair.

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SC was remastered. Massive changes were made to it, including changing it from the old Battlenet to the modern Battlenet. WC2 is not remastered. It’s essentially the same as its final patch way back in the past.

Bliz may not be interested in remastering WC2 (or D1). Meaning it will operate the same way as it did in the past, which includes running on the old Battlenet.

Same as above. Bliz may only be interested in making it available on the launcher as it is, not in changing it too.

warcraft 2r you dont need foward any ports or anything you just make your account and you can play but. make game so it can be ran without port forwarding that would be perfect. could they fix it can blizzard fix it. but its all about intrest. spend some time fix small problems work out a fix so you can join a game when you buy it and create a account and play online. No one will ever port forward this game i can tell you that. Spend hours for an amateur gamer to start with router network setups

They likely could. It comes down to if Bliz wants to.

You need to lay off the generalizations. Everyone playing it has forwarded their ports. Players have come here and to the technical support forum to learn how to do it.

And lay off the exaggerations. Even an amatur can forward ports in under ten minutes if they follow a guide.

I Have a router and i tried i went into portforwarding and i had 0 clue about nothing inside there when i went into portforwarding tab. i need to call my isp provider to help me to play this game online. NO INFORMATION WAS GIVEN before i bought this game. This game is not able to being played online unless you forwarding ports or anything like that so witch have to been described… I Thought the game was ready to go and i was totally tricked when i logged on and i could not host game and people whisper cant join game. I was on today earlier 1 guy could host none of us could so we joined hes game. and he was the only host.

I agree that in today’s age, we should not have to mess with these annoying things just to be able to play a game. Especially when it is being made available again by BLIZZARD. They 100% need to put some time and effort into revamping some things. With a new ranking system, the game will get lots of interest, with the excitement of trying to climb a modern ladder of a childhood game.

It is a bit sketchy for sure. To be fair, every version of WC2BNE that’s ever existed needed those ports forwarded. However, Bliz could have done more to inform people of it.

Over on GoG, the WC2 page at least has a notification that a network change is needed to play, but Bliz provided nothing.

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A consolidated location for fixes! Nice!

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I thank Mr. FunkyFr3sh. Just doing my part by sharing with the community.

If you want official game i would buy from GOG at this point. You get your own cdkey and are not muted in the lobby.
I hope this changes in the near future so i can change my recommendation.
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


They say to open port or forward.port
I did
Still cant host/join =[

The blizz launcher version is the same game. Version and server as gog =]

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Incorrect. They are same version # and same server but the gog version draws almost correctly for multiplayer lobby. Blizzard launcher doesnt even come close. This is because gog has a version ddraw with its install. But there are better ddraws version available, that you can add. So they are not the same game as you say.

Gog has separate key and not muted like the bnet/blizzard community key that everyone shares. A few people have this muted issue for multiplayer lobby, not just me.

Quiet frankly, I’m pissed, cause blizzard/bnet launcher ruined my work gog install and have to keep changing keys to get it to work. Only solution is to not run or uninstall blizzard/bnet launcher at this point so it don’t change my cdkey settings.

But thanks for your input.