Warcraft 2 Remastered by Blizzard

I know others have created similar topics already, but I wanted to throw my voice out there as well. I feel the more people we have asking for it, perhaps the better the chance of Blizzard doing the right thing.

Warcraft 2 is the single greatest RTS ever made, and deserves to be remastered. I think the game is perfect the way it is, and should not be changed much at all. The purpose of the remaster would be to rebuild the community. A lot of oldschool fans of the game would resurface, and people that still play the original game would transition over.

There are multiple advantages this game has over other RTS games. Warcraft 2 has the potential for action within the first minute of gameplay. You have to be on your toes from the very start. Due to the simplicity of the game, it puts more emphasis on the strategic aspect of the game. Unit micromanagement becomes a lot more important. The grid used for making buildings and moving units also opens the door for more micromanagement. You can win a fight vs someone with more units by forcing them into a choke point, using the grid feature of the maps. I would consider Warcraft 2 the “Chess” of RTS games because of the simplicity and emphasis on strategic movement. It would make for a great E-Sport game.

I think Blizzard underestimates how much support they would get from a remaster. A lot of Blizzard fans have been lost along the way, and reviving one of the company’s greatest accomplishments can bring them back.

What I personally would want from a remaster is for the game to stay the same for the most part. Keep the grid pattern on the maps. Keep the units and buildings the same. The only thing I would like to see changed is maybe adding a new ranking system with tiers, kind of like other games do with Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. Introduce a matchmaking feature as well, so you can team up with random people when your friends aren’t online. Don’t change too much, and you will keep the fans happy.

Come on Blizzard, give it a chance. Do it for the fans that were around since the beginning.