Warcraft 2 BNE Multiplayer

Many people on various forums have asked about the multiplayer compatibility of the newly Warcraft 2 posted on battle.net. So far multiplayer is not really working for people. Could you please provide more information about it? Will there be made an attempt to provide players with reliable place to play multiplayer for Warcraft 2 with modern RTS features? How this update will improve upon GOG Warcraft 2 multiplayer capabilities? Thank you!

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It’s announced to work with multi player, so I trust they are working on it:

More players, more glory

Launch epic multiplayer battles of up to 8 players, then build your own maps using the map editor. Fight across swamps, icy fields, summer plains, and even the wastes of Outland!

But Diablo 1 have the same problem, multiplayer doesn’t work, it seems the backend isn’t set up yet?

We need a good response about this as i feel like ive completely wasted money and been duped lol. Doesnt work for me. I’ve only seen vague responses about WC II online multiplayer.

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  1. Log into your Router by typing in the default IP into your browser(The IP is usually on the back of the router, together with username/password).
  2. Add device(the pc your playing from) into static DHCP.
  3. Go into network setting → NAT → Add Port Forward.
  4. Enter your WAN IP(make a google search “what is my wan ip”), Server IP address(The static DHCP, from step 2), Port:6112-6119, change to TCP/UDP and activate and add/save.
  5. Pull out your Ethernet cable and plug it back in.

That should be it.

I was just checking out Warcraft 2 battle net, with a couple of people I met in the chat, that too works flawlessly.

Edit: Corrected info in step 4!!! As of today, both static DHCP and Default IP address.

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To anyone who sees chayliss’ post above…

The version being sold by Bliz DOES have multiplayer on Battlenet and there IS a Gateway to play on.

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So if my wife and I are in the same house and play warcraft 2, can we battle each other?

yeah, you don’t even need to be in same house, you can buy a game and just go to https://github.com/FunkyFr3sh/Warcraft-II-Powershell-Patches/blob/main/README.md
to get updates, hopefully the global battle net will work for you, if you have any specific questions feel free to post

The only way I was able to get multiplayer to work for 2 or more computers from the same house hold, was to have the hosting computer port forwarded through my router and the other connect computer through different vpns. There used to be a way to change ports for war2 in the registry from 6112 to whatever, but I had no success doing it the old way. Your ISP/network may be different and results/solutions will vary as such.

why can’t you just connect through battle net?

Without using FunkyFresh’s “Patch #2”, two people on the same network can’t play together on Battlenet due to the port forwarding.

Ports that are forwarded to an IP go only to that IP, not to the whole network.

So, one player would forward the ports to their computer and be the game creator. The second player would use Patch #2 to join the games.